Rules established by the Board of Park Commissioners

Rules of the Park

Rules are established for everyone's well being and safety. Please observe the following regulations adopted by the Board of Park Commissioners. We appreciate your cooperation.


Do not remove benches and tables from pavilions. 
No use of intoxicating beverages or chemicals.
No motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles or other motorized vehicles permitted off park roads or parking areas.
No fires except in provided grills.
No unlicensed firearms permitted in park.
Discharging of firearms on park property is prohibited.
Discharging of fireworks on park property is prohibited.
Clean up after your dog.
Place trash in designated receptacles. 

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Public Records Policy

The purpose of this Record Retention and Destruction Policy is to ensure that Hubbard Township Free Park retains its official records in accordance with the requirements of all applicable laws and to ensure that official records no longer needed by Hubbard Township Free Park are discarded at the proper time. This Policy provides guidelines concerning the length of time official records should be retained under ordinary business circumstances.

This Policy applies to all official records generated in the course of the Hubbard Township Free Park operations, including but not limited to:
• Typed, or printed hardcopy (i.e., paper) documents;
• Electronic records and documents (e.g., email, Web files, text files, PDF files);
• Video or digital images;
• Graphic representations;
• Electronically stored information contained on network servers and/or document management systems; and
• Recorded audio material.

Record Retention
a. All records shall be maintained and stored for a period of seven years. The Directors of Hubbard Township Free Park will be responsible for the administration of this policy to all employees and to ensure that the policy is implemented.
b. Make modifications to the Record Retention Schedule from time to time to ensure that this Policy complies with local, state and federal laws and includes the appropriate document and record categories for Hubbard Township Free Park.
c. Monitor the compliance of Hubbard Township Free Park officers and employees with this Policy;
d. Directors shall take other action as may be authorized by the Hubbard Township Free Park Board of Directors.  

Record Storage Procedure
a. In order to facilitate administration of this Policy, where practicable, Hubbard Township Free Park official records should generally be organized and stored according to general categories in a manner that best facilitates the efficient administration of the organizations operations. Records within each category should generally be organized and stored in chronological order or by time period (e.g., by month or year).
b. Categories of records not required to be retained on a permanent basis should be maintained by date or conspicuously dated to enable such records to be easily identified for destruction at the end of the record retention period.
c. Records containing confidential information should be labeled and/or stored in a manner to limit access to those employees or other individuals with authorization to view such records. 

In the event any employee of Hubbard Township Free Park reasonably anticipates or becomes aware of a governmental investigation or audit concerning the Agency or the commencement of any litigation against or concerning the Agency, such employee shall inform Directors and Board of Directors and any further disposal of documents shall be suspended until such time as the Board of Directors, with the advice of the Executive Director and the Agency’s legal counsel, determines otherwise. The Directors shall take such steps as are necessary to promptly inform affected staff of any suspension in the disposal or destruction of documents.  

All records are the property of Hubbard Township Free Park and employees are expected to hold all business records in confidence and to treat them as Hubbard Township Free Park assets. Records must be safeguarded and may be disclosed to parties outside of the Agency only upon proper authorization. Any subpoena, court order or other request for documents received by employees, or questions regarding the release of the Agency’s records, must be directed to the Executive Director prior to the release of such records. Any records of the Agency in possession of an employee must be returned to the employee’s supervisor or the Board of Directors upon termination of employment. This policy is not intended to and does not constitute or create contractual terms of employment, assure specific treatment under specific conditions, and/or does not alter the at-will nature of any employment relationship with Hubbard Township Free Park.

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